Thursday, 25 June 2009

Ronald Reagan? The actor?

Surely there must be a finite amount of band names. Well, I guess in reality you could form a band and call it "The Household Tiger Believers" (courtesy of this) and pretty much guarantee that no-one else has already bagsy'd that name (I just google'd it to make sure!).

Call yourself Delorean on the other hand and I'm guessing quite a few people will have seen Back To The Future a few too many times and also chosen that name. A search on MySpace shows there's another 279 bands called Delorean. Frustrating.

I've blogged about band names before and how strange it is that it bothers me when I could just let the music do the talking (or singing in this case). So ignore me and listen to the real Delorean...

They kind of remind me a bit of a Swedish (even though they're Spanish) Phoenix produced by Cornelius... maybe. Plus they're turning the tide against the now-cliché cowbell in favour of what appears to be the Amen break... nice!

Delorean - "Deli" (YSI) (ZShare)