Monday, 20 April 2009

Round 1... FIGHT!

Comparing musicians for the sake of illustration never sits easy. Do you make the obvious connections and turn off potential listeners who might not like the act your comparing a band to or do you let the listener decide for themselves but risk the track being overlooked?

In 12 months time, when Neon Indian might well be over over your radio & TV, doing a Google search for "Neon Indian" -MGMT might well bring up zero links as it's such an obvious comparison for people to make.

It would be wrong however, for people to think that NI are some major label's attempt to jump on anyone's bandwagon. They've gone down the mystery route and kept their names a secret however the press release says that they are a duo, one from Brooklyn (linking them even more to MGMT) and one from Austin, Texas.

There's been some discussion about their identity and the consensus seems to be that it points to one of them is none-other than Alan Palomo aka VEGA aka one half of Ghosthustler. If that's true it's a weird coincidence as we only wrote about Ghosthustler last month!

Anyway, here is their track "Deadbeat Summer" which is awesome

Neon Indian - "Deadbeat Summer" (YSI) (ZShare)

and as a bonus here's a fan-made music video to one of Vegas' tracks "All Too Vivid" which features the brain-crushingly cheesy BMX prom dance from the film "Rad" (I'm sure I thought it was cool in 1986!):

Friday, 17 April 2009

Cage The Smelly-Fans

Okay, so there's been quite a few rock/dance crossovers... but have there actually been any good ones?

I guess the likes of The Prodigy, Apollo 440 and even Pendulum have embraced rock into their music and have all been successful, but have they actually been any good?

Thankfully Mixhell have avoided going down the fusion route despite having arguably the best rock pedigree ever seen in a dance act. One half of Mixhell just happens to be Sepultura founding-member Iggor Cavalera!!

Their latest single "Boom Da" was released a few weeks ago by Helsinki-based label New Judas and features Oh Snap! and Jen Lasher. The result however, couldn't be further from the icy tundra of Finland but is a luscious slab of baile funk/Baltimore sleaze-rap. The single also features remixes from Les Petits Pilous, Edu K and, as posted below, remixers du jour Crookers:

Mixhell - "Boom Da" (Crookers remix) (YSI) (ZShare)

... and as a bonus here's Sepultura (and their insane fans) playing "Refuse Resist" on infamous 'yoof' TV show The Word:

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Totally SXSW!

BD were of course at South By Southwest this year, drinking Lone Star beers, eating burgers, and checking out lots and lots of bands.

The fun part of SXSW is to check out new and upcoming artists (ie not Metallica, although we did see El Mariachi Bronx), and when you venture out with that mindset you get a healthy mix of crap band torture and random greatness . We saw some truly dreadful bands (Mantonix might be the worst band we've ever seen, despite putting on a GG Allin-like show), but also enough great new bands to keep us going. Some bands like Local Natives and Lissy Trullie (the former were ace, the latter a bit grumpy) have already started to get some attention in the UK.

The best gig we witnessed were not by any of the hotly tipped acts though, but by the IHEARTCOMIX one man band Totally Michael who pretty much sound like an updated Atom & His Package (remember him?), ie crazy melodic punky songs on a bed of very simple electronic beats. Sadly, commercial success eluded Atom, possibly (and even sadder!) because he's a short chubby nerdy guy. TM is a good looking, thin tattooed dude, so perhaps he'll become a superstar.

We saw him tearing the roof of a small local bar with no stage to speak of, where he spent most of the gig out in the small but very passionate audience. We were totally blown away and surprised since we didn't except it to be THAT good.

Listen to "Death Hilll (over and over)" (zshare) and you might be able to guess how ace this gig was. Someone need to bring this guy over to the UK for some summer shows.

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Liquorice whip!

Two wrongs don't make a right (insert joke about three lefts) but surely two rights make, well... a SUPER-right, right?

If you take the electronically classical hypno-pop of Glass Candy and add it to über-talented Sally Shapiro producer Johan Agebjörn you get nothing but good music.

While Johan may not have tried to reinvent the wheel on this one he's certainly but his own cool hallmark on the track. Have fun:

Glass Candy - The Chameleon (Johan Agebjörn Remix) (YSI) (ZShare)

... and here's a neat little video where someone has set Megaman II to an orginal piece by Johan: