Monday, 15 June 2009

He shot Cyrus!

It's kind of hard to blog about a band who's entire press shots involve them wearing Wayfarers... The problem is that you end up looking so myspace that people ignore the fact that you are a great little band.

Take Magic Wands as a case in point. They might even be wearing them in the above shot, who knows! Anyway the way they market themselves could be a real turn-off which is a damn shame as their music, while not breaking any huge conventions, is very good... kind of like a 90's pop-style Blondie/Cocteau Twins/Felt Mountain-era Goldfrapp.

Here's the official video to "Warrior", my favourite track from their "Magic, Love and Dreams" EP (buy here):

and as a bonus here's some great remixes by Defend Moscow and The Xx:

Magic Wands - "Warrior (Defend Moscow via Lenny Picko mix)" (YSI) (ZShare)
Magic Wands - "Warrior (The Xx remix)" (YSI) (ZShare)