Wednesday, 25 March 2009

You won't like me when I'm angry

The remix is dead, long live the remake! Don't get me wrong I love it when someone remixes a track and produces something that really makes you think about the song and gives you a new perspective on the original. But for too long the remix has been seen as a way for lazy producers to get stuff out into the virtual world and cynical label staff to promote sales of the original.

And so the remake was born. While in days of yore this would have simply been termed a cover version in the instant realm of the internet the two versions can come out almost at the same time (in the case of Aeroplane's original-eclipsing remake of "Paris" at exactly the same times!).

Anyway... less preaching, more teaching!

Here's a version of The Presets' epic "If I Know You" which moulds the original into a hauntingly melancholy sorrow-fest. It's by a partnership between DJ and F-Communication artist Jori Hulkkonen and Chicago-based antipodean Via Tania and it is stunning.

The Presets - If I Know You (Tania & Jori remake) (YSI) (ZShare)

And if that wasn't enough "If I Know You" was also the subject of a beautifully uplifting video by the massively talented Eva Husson. Check it:

Tuesday, 24 March 2009


It's strange to think that a band that has been actively hyped for the last 5 years can still be producing tracks that sound fresh and get people excited. The Tough Alliance have been doing exactly this and while they haven't broken any sales records you kind of get the impression that's the opposite of what they're about.

Since they emerged in 2004 (when BD also saw them produce an urgent and defiant performance at London's Notting Hill Arts Club) they have always been happy to go their own way. Since their acrimonious split from original lable Service they've spent a few years releasing stuff through their own lable Sincerely Yours and are now forging strong links (and getting more hype and fans) with Modular.

And it's through Modular we get a little treat in the form a cover of "Hung Up On A Dream" by 60's UK pop group The Zombies. Lovely!

The Tough Alliance - Hung Up On a Dream (YSI) (ZShare)

The Zombies - Hung Up On a Dream (YSI) (ZShare)

and as a bonus here is "Silly Crimes", my favourite of the many, many beautiful TTA videos:

(link due to YouTube's stupid removal of HQ embedding)

Monday, 16 March 2009

Sometimes I don't thrill you

Fucked Up's second album "The Chemistry of Common Life" was in the top 5 of most people's albums of 2008 as it showed the band were more than an fat-guy fronted punk band... more than a Vice Magazine-sponsored 'remember how cool hardcore was' flash-in-the-pan.

"The Chemistry of Common Life" was epic and that's not a phrase to throw around lightly. It gave fans a real glimpse into a band that was evolving and pushing really hard to not be held back by genre.

There was no better example of this than the track "No Epiphany". The use of layered tape-loops and psychedelic influences was different to the punk standard yet it felt just as cathartic and visceral.

To celebrate the 7" release of "No Epiphany" the song has been remixed by Sup Pop's equally experimental No Age who have turned it into a full blown freak out. Epic indeed.

Fucked Up - "No Epiphany"
Fucked Up - "No Epiphany (No Age remix)" (YSI) (ZShare)

Thursday, 12 March 2009

I must break you

It seems like there's a romantic mystery about music that comes from Russia. Sure there's been PPK, (the brilliant) t.A.T.u and that Timbaland-produced Ken doll that won Eurovision a few years ago but other than that we don't get to hear a lot from the other side of the curtain.

Reaching out across the planet is the stunning Tesla Boy showing that France and Australia aren't the only countries that can produce 80's inspired synth-pop. It's just a shame that it's unlikely that we'll get to see them over in the UK anytime soon...

Anyway, their brand of driving, aerobic-pop music is reminiscent of Anoraak and Miami Horror with vocals from Nik Kershaw. Enjoy:

Tesla Boy - Spirit of the Night (YSI) (ZShare)
Tesla Boy - Electric Lady (YSI) (ZShare)

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Never slime a guy with a positron collider

Brain Drain is SICK... and not in a good, Tim Westwood air horn explosion way:

... more in the traditional feeling ill kind of way.

Anyway seeing as our ears need some therapeutic music (and listening to whale-song/pan-pipes CDs is *so* 1991) here's some super nice music from IHEARTCOMIX-signed Londoners FUTURECOP!.

Been meaning to post some stuff up from them for a while now (ever since catching them live at the Valerie party with Anoraak and Minitel Rose @ White Heat last year) and the new remix of "Transformers In Time" by Texan twosome Ghosthustler gives us the perfect excuse to make amends.

Get better soon:

Futurecop! - Transformers In Time (Ghosthustler remix) (YSI) (ZShare)

and if you still need cheering up here's a video from Ghosthustler where people get punched in the face with an NES Power Glove!: